Ken Bluttman

Ken Bluttman

Writer. Programmer. Developer. Creative. Innovator.

Professional Published Author. Professional Office Software Developer. Professional Web Developer.
Still challenged in the kitchen, but working on it.

About Me.

  • Best Selling Author
  • Seasoned Office Productivity Developer
  • Senior Level Web Developer
Development Work

Over 100 websites (database driven). Several hundred Excel/Access solutions.


Published my first article in a print magazine in 1999. Have since written dozens of articles/posts, and over 50 books.

Coffee lover

No excuse. It's in my genes.

More about me, and my life.

Married, grown son. Several pets. Musician.
Love nature, movies, reading (duh - I'm a writer), and into photography (wrote a book on that too!).
Live in the USA. Native New Yorker. Currently living in the Carolinas.



Developed everything from simple Excel routines to being on teams developing industry level solutions for thousands of users. Have worked in many Fortune 500 companies doing technical work.



Creative writer. Musician (since starting piano at age 6). Photographer, especially experimental and macro photography.



If I can see a new way to do something,
I will!

Skills & Abilities

In a nutshell, I walk two career paths. One is technical. The other is writing.
Throw in marketing and ad experience for good measure.

PHP, SQL, Javascript
Artice Writing, Blog Posts
Web Content, SEO
Office Tools (Excel, Access)
Book Writing, Fiction / Non-Fiction


  • Facebook Advertising: Page setup, PPE, WC, CW ads, Lead Gen setup
  • PPC Campaigns: Bing, Google, YouTube
  • Email List Management - Aweber list setup, funnel desing and implementation



B.A Economics

Queens College, Flushing, NY


Computer Science Diploma Program

New York University, New York City


Composition Major

Berklee College of Music


Work Experience.

I have worked at dozens of companies as a consultant, and occasionally full-time. A few key roles are highlighted here. For the majority of my career I have been self employed.

Lead Corporate Developer

Working with the CTO, managed projects across the enterprise and trained juinor programmers.

Lotus Notes Developer

Worked on a variety of initiatives. Situated in IT, the project work was varied. At the time Lotus Notes was the tool of choice.

Technical Support for the Actuary Department

Heavy Excel and Access work, developing and maintaining solutions to help actuaries price insurance. Intensive high level math routines developed.

Sales Manager

Repsonsible for a pro-active (cold calling) sales team of 25. Grew the department from scratch to bringing in sales exceeding $1,000,000 annually. All sales work was done over the phone.

Analytic Consultant

Worked in the Wholesale Securities Operations division.
Responsible for developing solutions for managing financial, compliance, and system risk.

Contact me

Based in the USA

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Hopefully the people with a real need to reach me, know how.